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Sunday, May 15, 2011

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white iphone 3gs 16gb. iPhone3GS White 16GB
  • iPhone3GS White 16GB

  • batchtaster
    Apr 21, 04:00 PM
    Generally there is little NEED to use Macs in a server environment as its pretty much always possible to do it with Linux, and some cases Windows. I'm not denying that it has its uses, but the size of this market has made it impractical.

    How is the so-called "Pro" market larger or more worthy than the IT/enterprise market? "Pro" users didn't sustain the Xserve sales any more than enterprise. Xserve was not just a server box.

    I manage 600+ Mac workstations, and I can do so from 2 or 3 Mac OS X Servers, using services which are either not available or impractical to build and maintain on Linux and Windows, such as NetBoot, MCX and Apple SUS. Our "Pro" users would be single digits.

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  • robotx21
    Sep 15, 09:10 PM
    I believe the new macbook pro merom's will be .1-.3 inches thicker, and POSSIBLY incorporate a new blu-ray DVD burner, 160GB HD, ATI X1800 Graphics card, and improved display to 1920X1200 for 17". I believe this to be true based on the information gathered from brenthaven's website, showing the 12/15 pro case that is out of stock is 1/4" thicker in the space needed to hold the macbook. The only reason for this is if they know "something" we don't...such as a thicker machine. Also, they are coming out around the 26th-30th. Maybe? what do you guys think?

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  • CJM
    Aug 4, 06:46 PM
    Don't look now but the current Intel iMac has a laptop/SFF chip and chipset in it it. :eek:

    :O *faints*

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  • sidb
    Apr 21, 04:49 PM
    If it doesn't have Lights Out Management, it isn't a server. Our datacenter doesn't even allow servers without LOM into the building, and I agree with that policy. There's more to making a server than turning it sideways and bolting it to a rack.

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  • darrens
    Aug 4, 08:11 AM
    I think I remember reading on one of the MacRumors forums that Merom is really a full 64-bit processor, bu rather a 32-bit w/ 64-bit extensions or something. Any truth in this?

    Yes - both AMD 64 and Intel EM64T are 64 bit extensions to the 32 bit x86 processor.

    From what I understand the registers are still 32 bit, but the chips have a 64 bit address space and more registers.

    No-one has the need for a truly 64 bit machine at this point - just machines that can address more RAM. The 4GB RAM limit on 32 bit processors is beginning to be an issue for pro users.

    I think the vector extensions (AltiVec and SSE) have very large registers - 128 bit? This is what's used when there is a need for a specific optimisation.

    Just my layman's understanding. Ready to be corrected!

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  • MacbookSwitcher
    Mar 29, 03:33 PM
    Yeah buddy I am. Are you aware that on every Apple Device it says "DESIGNED IN CALIFORNIA, ASSEMBLED IN CHINA."

    There is a reason we do not build these products and it has been well covered through this thread. Can you name any good products made by those companies that you mentioned, that are actually built in the US. You know America SUCKS at making products when we need the media to convince us of this fact. Just watch TV, you do not see Apple advertising that they make there products in China, but you do see a bunch of other companies that slap a "Made in the USA" label gain Patriot approval. I avoid those products and save my money for products that have better quality; I dont innately hate american products, but experience has proved that they are inferior to build qualities of other nations. :apple::D

    The reason that simple, brainless product assembly is not done in the US has nothing to due with low quality. It is due to lower manufacturing costs in China, which has no regulations.

    There is no evidence at all that American-made products are of lower quality than any other country's products. (Is there any fighter jet better than the American-made F-16 or F-22?)

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  • conradzoo
    Aug 3, 12:18 AM
    Leopard preview.

    Mac pro.
    Mac book pro update.
    .Mac (pro) update.
    iWeb pro.


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  • Multimedia
    Aug 3, 12:20 AM
    You have said this before and it is TOTALLY WRONG if you are comparing the Merom to Yonah (http://www.anandtech.com/showdoc.aspx?i=2711&p=4). The first slide is directly from Intel's Spring Developer Conference. Consistent battery does not mean 2X.There is this field report on CNET. This is not info from a SLIDE. It is from a real world field test.

    Video: Long-lasting Intel Core 2 Duo notebooks (http://news.com.com/1606-2_3-6100051.html?part=rss&tag=6100051&subj=news)

    Over 5 hours of battery life with Merom vs. 3 hours with Yonah. 1.67 X or ALMOST Twice.

    To New York on Airplane from San Francisco, Yonah PC battery died over Illinois while same size Merom PC battery made it all the way to New York City with power to spare. So I am RIGHT NOT WRONG. You are uninformed. :eek:

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  • Eidorian
    Jul 21, 01:55 PM
    I'm ready to pay Apple. Something under $1500 please. :cool:

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  • levitynyc
    Mar 29, 08:42 AM
    I dont understand the point of this. Is storage really an issue on peoples computers? I understand the mobile app, but why not just store the files locally?

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  • supasubu
    Mar 27, 04:51 PM
    My thoughts exactly. Our school district (ISD 482) just bought 1,465 iPads for its students, and I can see us getting really mad if Apple were to release a new iPad 6 mos. later.

    ...the same way Apple will probably release the iphone 5 a few months after the Verizon iphone 4? :)

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  • 0815
    Apr 25, 10:57 AM
    For all those being scared about the location tracking that are posting here:

    WARNING: posting here will reveal your current location to certain individuals. You transmit your IP address which is than stored in the web log and can be used to track your location. If you don't like your location being tracked, you should stop posting.

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  • anubis
    Mar 28, 10:06 AM
    I've been poking along with a 3GS since they came out. Really want to switch to Verizon. This rumor puts people like me in a serious pickle: keep waiting and waiting and waiting for iPhone 5 to come out this year, if it even does it all, or grab an iPhone 4 now - a phone that has been out for nearly a year - and get burned in a couple of months by a surprise iPhone 5 announcement in June?

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  • tom5304
    May 7, 04:44 PM
    Oh and a two letter email address is priceless.

    Yes, because typing "gmail.com" is so exhausting. :D

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  • doctor-don
    Apr 25, 10:53 AM
    Agreed. Google's darling Android doesn't just track cell towers. They've found it recording wi-fi networks near the user as well and transmitting that data... like every couple of minutes. (No wonder the batteries don't last on droid for more than 3-5 hours). I wish I could find the link to the article I read that in. It's certain models that have been found to do it.... right down to your GPS coordinates. Why does Google need to know this? And their users are now inadvertently spying on other people. Google has no rights to info on my wi-fi network just because someone drove past my house with an Android phone in the car.

    Yet I use Google every day, but I at least know they're watching me.


    Many apps use the info to provide their services (e.g., WeatherBug). About a year ago I was being located in other states over 600 miles away from my location. That has been remedied - finally - as the app has been improved.

    Often I have been told that the GPS info was unavailable for my phone as I was attempting to use the maps.

    My myTouch 3G is charged each night. The only times I have put it on the charger was when I was transferring data between my SD card and my computer (images and tunes, e.g.).

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  • heisetax
    Aug 4, 09:09 AM
    Isn't that what Rosetta is for :p :D

    Hardly Apple's fault. Apple has managed to transition all it's apps - Adobe is certainly dragging their collective feet.

    Maybe you should blame AMD. They outdid Intel by increasing their % of the market. This put pressure on Intel to release their Core duo, Core 2 duo & Xeon 5100 6 months to a year or so early. This made Apple bring out their new Intel Macs much earlier than expected.

    Because of the amount of work involved & the original Intel/Apple schedule, Adobe made the plan to skip the UB for CS2 & just make it part of CS3. This was to be on the same timetable as the original Intel Mac changes. They weere just too far into their schedule to make such large changes for a 6 month - year time.

    MicroSoft just has a lot of problems doing upgrades. Virtual PC 7 was 6-9 months late. They quietly admitted that the programming was much harder than they thought it would be. That reason adds to the problem that the new version of MS Office also is changing to an XML file format for all of their programs. This means twice the trouble for MS. MS Office for Windows is usually a year ahead of the Mac MS Office upgrades. That means that if MS brings out their new Mac MS Office program in 2007 they will be the same year as MS Office for Windows. This actually means that the Mac MS Office program would be coming out a year ahead of schedule, not a year behind the schedule that many Intel Mac people believe shuld be the case. Also MS in my opinion has said that they will have 2 veersion of Office for the Mac, one PPC only & the other Intel Mac only. It just seems like they have said that they will have no UB for MS Office. This double programming may takke loner. It also will probably mean that the PPC Mac will not have as good of product upgrading/changes.
    In another year the most of the software will be ready for the Intel Mac. By that time we may be seeing the 3rd group of Intel Macs, 4 or 5 if they keep up with the Intel/AMD Windows world.

    Bill the TaxMan

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  • GregA
    Nov 27, 03:24 AM
    There was a patent a few months ago for touch pads surrounding a screen. That could allow some touch applications without the expense of the touch screen (but maybe I'm behind the times... and touch screens can be done cheaply and well?). Would you need a "scroll wheel" if you had a slide down one side for scrolling?

    Another patent was for keys that could have their display change depending on their purpose. A full screen ipod with unobtrusive buttons around the edge that change display to show available options would be interesting. Then again... if you can't input information it's going to limit it's appeal for many people!!

    I personally think the key to a usable tablet will be simplicity and being quite inexpensive. My parents wanted to buy a $500 programmable remote but I think they're an exception rather than the norm!

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  • MacQuest
    Nov 22, 03:24 PM
    Wasn't it exactly the same story with the iPod?

    Exactly. :rolleyes:

    How are Rio, Creative, and all the other "iPod Killer" product manufacturers like Sony doing nowadays in the digital music player market? :p

    Rio's out of business and Creative is now part of the "Made For iPod" accessory community? :eek: Walkman? what the H*LL is that?! :confused:

    Take notes Palm. History repeats itself. :cool:

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  • Detlev
    Aug 4, 09:01 PM
    The company that really deserves criticism is intuit. They recently released quicken 2007 and it was not UB. They were releasing a new product and they chose to ignore intel Mac users. Makes you wonder if they are going to stay in the mac market at all. Maybe in the future they will just recommend running parallel and windows, to use quicken on an intel mac.
    Users are already moving away from the Mac versions. When Intuit announced they were here to stay in 2003 there was a lot of criticism about how they left Mac users stranded for six years. Look who is abandoning who now. If they were to close up Mac development, few would care. I'm betting they will be just one of many companies to do it too.

    Apr 26, 04:50 PM
    However Apple lost my custom today. All these stories about putting the release date back and rumors about a 'small' update.....

    Wth, Apple didn't push a release date back, there was never a release date. Just because you assume they'll introduce something the exact same time they did last year and they don't, that's not their fault.

    Mar 31, 12:47 AM
    Yes, it's the government's fault, together with corporate America. Easy ain't it, blaming politicians and greedy CEO's? How about taking a long hard look at your own (aka The Consumer) behavior?

    A) Don't make ASSumptions. I don't shop at BestBuy, Walmart or Target. I patron my local stores, I vote with my dollar. If the facts upset you so much, perhaps you should point that finger of blame and judgment around (or better yet, stop vehemently judging people period).

    B) I stated WE shot ourselves in the foot, and that WE vote with our dollars

    I didn't read past your first two sentences as they wreak of pretension and you took no time in reading mine but rather wrote a lengthy paragraph about how well you know me and my political beliefs, cause, well, you certainly seem to believe you do (unless, of course, you're paying Ms Cleo for information, and that would be bad, cause, well, you're voting with your dollar to a corrupt and jailed CEO). Before you judge and assume, engage in civil discourse and respect.

    This is beta/unfinished software. What the hell do you expect?

    'MacPilot' is a mess of multiple functions that do not replicate native API's that are always enabled for use. Wow you have to click accept? Good. Why would you want the possibility of a bunch of random garbage sent to you without your consent?

    Cool story bro, I was never talking about the actual UI elements.

    Wow, the level of arrogance and lack of respect on MacRumors never ceases to amaze me. Every thread, and I mean every, turns into a free for all of personal attacks and insults. Interesting that I never once insulted or disrespected any one individual, yet two responses attempt to personally attack me. Do you know me? Why is this a personal matter for you?

    This is about opinions and civil discourse, not about trying to prove how smart you are or to put someone "in their place". That says more about you than me.

    Last time I will address this matter unless you wish to discuss the topic without rolling eyes, assumptions on my intelligence, and overly dramatic misinterpretations on my comments (that had NOTHING to do with you - and this relates more so for the first comment quoted).


    Apr 23, 03:14 PM
    It makes a lot of sense. Quietly cooling two CPUs, a high-end GPU, 8 DIMMs and multiple drives in such a form factor makes me a little dubious. That and it seems pure hearsay on the part of 9 to 5 mac.

    Mods please don't lock this, discussion of Mac Pro related articles in the main news section is really hard to have as 90% of the posts are by people who have little interest or knowledge in the topic.
    I like the idea (exists with other cases, and the one's I'm thinking of, such as offerings from SuperMicro, work very well).

    My concern though, seems to be the same as yours. Specifically packing a workstation into a 3U enclosure. 4U or even 5U, fine, as there's sufficient space for full height PCIe cards and cooling (3U seems to tight though for a workstation that has to be planned thermally speaking with all slots filled).

    Yet another sign Apple is going to kill the Mac Pro.

    You'll see! With Final Cut Pro on it's deathbed there is no way the Mac Pro is sticking around!

    I get the sarcasm. My issues aren't with the concept of the case that's usable as both a tower or rackmount though.

    As far as the MP's continuation, it's to do with the direction Intel's going to meet enterprise customer requirements/requests that I've noticed (more cores than most workstation software can utilize, and the price is going up as a result). Add in Apple's margin on smaller unit sales vs. other workstation vendors, it doesn't look good.

    TB further complicates the issue, particularly when a single die consumer desktop CPU releases with 8 cores (not to far away), as the iMac could be considered as a replacement (not ideal, but functional enough for quite a few users).

    Keep in mind, creative professionals don't actually need ECC as the software's not based on recursion (worst case, flipped bits due to radiation cause a bad pixel here and there, not the entire image).

    doubtful, this is a key switcher market... it would be crazy to axe the very thing that will continue to switch the PC builders/gamers over the next 5 years... this is a key ingredient to apple taking the industry over with time.
    Not so much lately, given the pricing since 2009 (enthusiast users are being forced out due to costs). Even professionals (i.e. independents and SMB's <particularly S for small>) are feeling the pinch as well, going by posts here on MR.

    I think the iMac will take care of gamers...
    This is what Apple expects them to buy from what I can tell (i.e. SP MP is ~$1000USD more than a PC equivalent).

    You are essentially now using a PC with EFI firmware and OSX operating system. The only advantage over a hackintosh is that it's all fine tuned, modified and tested under one roof ....

    From an electronics POV, the MP is made of the same equipment used in PC equivalents. Apple uses the case to distinguish it physically, and the firmware to lock OS X to the machine.

    The desktop market has been exhausted and its time passed anywhere, so now it's all about mobile and portable computing.
    This has been claimed for awhile, and in developed nations, it has its validity.

    But when you look to less developed nations, desktops still out-sell laptops due to more bang-for-the-buck (i.e. look at China; they're less likely to have more than one system, so they choose the desktop for more power at a lower cost = higher desktop sales currently). This will change over time, but by then, citizens of developed nations may be so poor, that we have to dump laptops and devices for desktops again. :eek: :D :p

    - Dust filters

    Definitely, given the cost of the MP.

    How does having the PSU on the bottom keep it cool?...

    Hot air rises, so the heat generated by the PSU will just rise and fill up the case.

    Unless I'm missing something or the laws of physics have changed in recent years?
    The PSU doesn't run as hot as the CPU or GPU (hot air from the boards rising into the PSU doesn't do it any favors). Hot air off of the PSU heat sinks can be exhausted before it ever rises to the boards. More of a win-win.

    Of course, by using baffling (separating the case into chambers), it won't matter that much anyway thermally speaking.

    But even with baffles, the layouts are improved with PSU's located on the bottom IMO.

    Aug 11, 04:43 PM
    Dates!! I just want to know dates!! Not until september, please Apple, release the MBP with Merom processors this month!!

    And make it available inmediatly, that same day!!

    That's all I'm asking for, no more....

    Mar 31, 09:06 AM
    Ah yes can we have a decent source please not that ridiculous piece of ill conceived drivel that is the Daily Mail.

    It seems legitimate enough... Although the reality of that story is Apple chose to pay some guy who was down on his luck and he lost some patents to public domain a bit of change and a trip to California as opposed to potentially have to pay Burst millions and 10s of millions of dollars or even more on their patent claims.

    Was a pretty good move on Apple's part.

    In every release of Mac OS X, there have been a separate client & server editions, so this is nothing new. Not sure why Apple bundled the 2 together for preview 1.

    Yeah but one of the features of Lion is server will be included with it, so it makes sense that they ultimately be bundled.