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Monday, May 16, 2011

chris hemsworth as thor

chris hemsworth as thor. Chris Hemsworth Thor movie
  • Chris Hemsworth Thor movie

  • imacfreak
    Aug 19, 06:25 PM
    OOps.. forgot about the size limit. Here's the ducky at the correct size. http://www.imacfreak.net/ducky2.jpg

    chris hemsworth as thor. starring Chris Hemsworth.
  • starring Chris Hemsworth.

  • jessica.
    Dec 20, 06:34 PM
    I too want to know what's contained in the app.

    chris hemsworth as thor. chris hemsworth thor muscle.
  • chris hemsworth thor muscle.

  • mrapplegate
    Apr 16, 02:55 PM
    After the DP2 update, all Quicktime movies won't play.
    Even the gesture videos in System Preferences won't show.
    Does anyone have the same problem? :confused:

    No, that is not happening for me. Any helpful errors in the system log when you try to view a movie?

    chris hemsworth as thor. Chris Hemsworth At Photocall
  • Chris Hemsworth At Photocall

  • donfishinghocke
    May 4, 05:29 PM
    I've had my macbook pro for a couple months now, 13" 2.66ghz 8gigs ram 500 gig HD, and a couple times a day the computer completely freezes. Doesn't do anything for about 30 seconds then resumes back to normal.

    I've tried restarting the ram holding option command P+L, still does nothing. What do I do about this, bring it to apple for replacement or what?

    chris hemsworth as thor. Chris Hemsworth Celebrities
  • Chris Hemsworth Celebrities

  • Elan0204
    Aug 13, 03:32 PM
    Excellent! If you're a finalist, I think you've got my vote.

    chris hemsworth as thor. Chris Hemsworth As Thor,
  • Chris Hemsworth As Thor,

  • ftaok
    Jul 3, 09:11 PM
    daveman got it right. My iBook won't sleep when the scanner is NOT plugged it unless I close the lid or choose 'sleep' from the menu.

    With the scanner plugged in, my iBook will sleep if I leave it alone for 1 minute (that's what I have it set for in 'Energy Saver').

    Because I don't have my scanner plugged in all the time, I'd like to figure out what is causing this behavior. I'm assuming that it's the scanner driver that keeps the system awake when the scanner isn't plugged in. Maybe it's continuously trying to find the scanner and it doesn't give up.

    Has anyone heard of this kind of behavior?

    chris hemsworth as thor. Chris Hemsworth as Thor and
  • Chris Hemsworth as Thor and

  • rancuret
    Apr 30, 04:07 AM
    1. is the samsung grey out?

    2. what filesystem does the samsung drive use? Go to applications then the utililes folder for this and double click disk utility the filesystem must be hfs or mac os journed

    Hello Littleb2005,

    The Samsung is not greyed out.

    I previously erased the disk with the Disk Utility, choosing the format Mac OS Extended (Journaled).

    chris hemsworth as thor. Chris Hemsworth - quot;Thorquot;
  • Chris Hemsworth - quot;Thorquot;

  • zirkle2007
    Jun 27, 07:13 PM
    Interested in any trades? If so I can PM you with items.

    chris hemsworth as thor. Chris Hemsworth as Thor in the
  • Chris Hemsworth as Thor in the

  • Rye Brye
    Oct 31, 10:16 AM
    Seeing as I have a grand total of about five posts in two years, I'm not offended at all :P

    Sysops are commonly used to patrol all the edits to make sure that bad content doesn't creep in - reverting edits back to where they were if an edit was bogus. (They use that "Mark edit as Patrolled" link)

    It is a mild pain in the rear to constantly be patrolling edits - so the "glory factor" of being a sysop on something that everyone can edit in the first place isn't very high :)


    chris hemsworth as thor. Chris-Hemsworth-Thor-Photo
  • Chris-Hemsworth-Thor-Photo

  • kingcrowing
    Dec 19, 08:14 PM
    oh man, I just googled about the GP2X... that things sweet!! I want it! play old nintendo games on the go!, I've already got a DS, but that would be pretty sweet...

    chris hemsworth as thor. Chris Hemsworth Thor
  • Chris Hemsworth Thor

  • Azzin
    Mar 26, 09:46 AM
    Hi all,

    I'm curious to know if you can create a wireless Hotspot using an iPad's 3G connection, to connect a laptop/other wifi device to over wifi?


    chris hemsworth as thor. Chris Hemsworth Thor Premiere
  • Chris Hemsworth Thor Premiere

  • supersean579
    Mar 24, 10:35 PM
    You could also use the strip silence tool. It's found under the edit window. It will let you remove all audio below a threshold with the push of a button.

    chris hemsworth as thor. Chris Hemsworth is Thor
  • Chris Hemsworth is Thor

  • jiminaus
    Apr 22, 06:20 PM
    At first we had to code our own getters and setters. There was no concept of a property in Objective-C 1.0, except by the convention that if a class had a method x and a method setX: then it could have been said to have property x.

    Then Apple created Objective-C 2.0 and it introduced the @property and @synthesise directives, as well as the dot notation. And the number of getters and setters we had to write was reduced to near zero. And our getters and setters become correct in the face of concurrency (assuming no nonatomic) which set us up well for the days of multicore CPUs and GCD.

    And the people programming in the land of Apple were happy. (Well generally, some have some valid objections to dot notation).

    So yeah, it's just syntax. But I'd highly recommend you use it, unless you have strong reasons not to.

    chris hemsworth as thor. First Image Of Chris Hemsworth
  • First Image Of Chris Hemsworth

  • -Ryan-
    Dec 29, 11:37 AM
    I've been offered these at a price that I'm finding it very difficult to resist (�30) from a friend who got them as an unwanted gift. I know AKG is a good manufacturer, but am not completely familiar with headphones. If anyone has these, are they any good?

    If not, can some of the audio enthusiasts take a look at the specs and tell me what they think? http://www.akg.com/personal/,pcp_id,173,pid,107,_psmand,1,show,specs.html&:K%20450 :)


    chris hemsworth as thor. Stay TOONed! Marvel reveals
  • Stay TOONed! Marvel reveals

  • mgartner0622
    Sep 5, 11:05 AM
    Those are actually much, much older than the iMac G3. These are early '90s-era. I remember we had a bunch of them with the Mac LC models (original, II, and III) when I was in school. Most of the school ones were worn out or torn up, but I don't think they're that rare (yet? anyone want to clarify?)

    Ah, thank you very much!

    chris hemsworth as thor. chris hemsworth thor
  • chris hemsworth thor

  • pulsewidth947
    Jul 29, 09:27 AM
    Can I just suggest you dont do your site in frames? They are fairly outdated now and can ruin the chances of spiders from google and other search engines finding out what is on your site for indexing.

    At least thats what I've been told, but from experience, browsers handle frames differently so its another thing that can make your site look wierd in another browser.

    As you are doing your site in Flash, why not have your films load within that flash player? Look up using External SWFs with your movie (so it doesnt bump up the file size, and allows the movies to be preloaded as an when they are needed). This will help if you want the videos to stream, and Flash compressed videos can be incredibly small. This will also help your content not get stolen.. but if your not worried about that then you can certainly go down the Quicktime route.

    chris hemsworth as thor. Chris Hemsworth Promoting Thor
  • Chris Hemsworth Promoting Thor

  • gusapple
    Jun 21, 10:35 AM
    I'm in the exact same situation. I just want to so I can have the newest cool thing. There, I said it! :D

    But seriously, If I end up not being able to snag an iPhone on launch day, then I want the new os until I can get one.

    chris hemsworth as thor. Comic-Con,Chris Hemsworth,Thor
  • Comic-Con,Chris Hemsworth,Thor

  • stellardream
    May 6, 10:39 AM
    New iMac can be used as a target display if another device supports Thunderbolt. It's been confirmed by Apple.

    chris hemsworth as thor. Actor chris hemsworth in the
  • Actor chris hemsworth in the

  • Doctor Q
    Nov 4, 12:16 AM
    I'm sure we can fix it. I captured the evidence.

    Apr 13, 03:12 PM
    When you buy a product from a reputable seller you are suppost to get the same as if you buy it directly from the manufacturer.

    On ebay and the Amazon marketplace there are a lot of people passing fakes as the real deal.

    Buy from places like Mygearstore and Amazon itself (not the marketplace) and you should be fine.

    May 3, 01:17 AM
    No reply?

    That's a song by the Beatles.

    Could I play it through bookshelf speakers, connected to a receiver, connected to the Mac via usb 2.0 with the above device?

    Mar 13, 07:59 PM
    Can you connect a jailbroken ipad to xcode and configure it to be used for development?

    I was thinking of doing that to get the 'hidden' gestures through x-code in 4.3 when the jail break is available.

    Or is there cydia software that will do all the gestures?

    Dec 3, 07:52 AM
    I bought one of those Mickey Nunchucks that looks like a paint brush. :o

    That's high Camp in action :D (Jealous ;) )

    Apr 15, 07:58 AM
    Watch a video (http://eshop.macsales.com/installvideos/mac_mini_g4/) on how to replace the hard drive in an iMac G4.

    My question was regarding any performance increase the OP saw with this upgrade.