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Monday, May 16, 2011

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  • Can anyone say what Sarah

  • nizmoz
    Apr 19, 07:40 AM
    Guess no one knows?

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  • Will the real Sarah Palin

  • Ride9650
    Apr 13, 08:14 AM

    Make a new url request
    var request:URLRequest = new URLRequest(<url goes here>);

    then navigate to it


    I'll leave it up to you to figure out how to hook this in.

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  • Sarah Palin Parody Book

  • Young Spade
    May 7, 03:27 AM
    I have a 13" black macbook that was bought in 2007. It has pretty standard hardware, such as 1GB of ram, 160GB HD, etc. However, it has been having problems for about a year now. The first problem it has relates to the computer lagging/skipping. The computer always lags (using a mouse or trackpad). It lags/skips when i'm browsing the internet, playing itunes (the songs actually skip and get choppy), playing a dvd using the DVD player app, and when I watch any type of video on the internet (youtube videos, flash videos; the audio gets choppy and fuzzy). The second issue I have been having is random shutdowns. Sometimes, I will be typing a report or browsing the internet and I will get an error message telling me that I have to restart the computer by holding down the power button. This has happened about 4 times. I think these issues might relate to a bad logic board, but I am not sure. Any ideas? How much does it cost to fix these issues? Thanks

    You might have a bad harddrive although the logic board sounds like a possible candidate as well; Are you near an Apple store? if so, you could call them up and see if you could set up an appointment or something...

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  • full swing and Sarah Palin

  • RanliAves
    Feb 17, 05:08 AM
    I saw an ad on my local craigslist selling an iPod 2G for about $75. I'm kinda interested on getting it since it was one of the first few. He says it's in good condition and working. What I meant by "work" is will it be able to sync up to my iTunes on my MBP? I read that iPod Mini's no longer sync up with iTunes. I want to buy this off him but I would like to make sure first. :) Thanks for reading.

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  • Sarah Palin said and typed

  • obelix
    Nov 9, 11:04 AM
    Actually you can accomplish this through Javascript. Take a look here:


    It took me a while to get it working thanks to my JS stupidity but it does work.

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  • lord Sarah Palin who was

  • samh
    Apr 23, 06:30 AM
    Hello, hope someone can shed some light on this problem, think its terminal though.

    I was using my macbook (2007 mid) and was all fine, i went back a couple of days later, took it out of my bag and booted it up to find a large black area on the screen to the right with a large white square under it. The whole of this area is dead, the rest of the screen is fine. How has this happened whilst in the bag, looks to me like a right hand thumb my be the culprit but i would never hold my mac like this.

    Any help would be great.



    Looks like trauma to the screen. What else was in the bag? What kidn of bag?

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  • Sarah Palin makes

  • alust2013
    Jan 2, 08:21 PM
    I don't have a PS3, so I can't test this, but it looks like you should be able to force the PS3 to output audio separately from HDMI. It sounds like you can get away with just regular component cables for sound (as long as you don't want 5.1 or 7.1 surround), but take a look here (http://manuals.playstation.net/document/en/ps3/current/settings/audiooutput.html) and see if you can make sense of it. Like I say, I don't have a PS3, so I'm just guessing...

    Yep, you can do that, I have with mine.

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  • Sarah Palin

  • ndillon
    Apr 9, 08:55 PM
    After flawless operation since getting my iPad 2 on launch day I am now having some issues.

    1. Wi-Fi will randomly drop out.
    2. This causes the touch recognition to be unresponsive. Home button, power, volume buttons all fine.
    3. Occasionally the iPad will then act like it is possessed and will randomly perform touch related operations.
    4. This requires a reset, turning Wi-Fi Off and back on to recognize the network.
    5. A few times the Wi-Fi has "Grayed Out" and requires a rest of network settings to restore it.
    6. Also will cause the time on the iPad to become out of sync.

    I have tried doing a restore with and without using a backup file. The wireless router apperas to be functioning fine and is used by a Laptop, two iPhones, and a DS with no issues at all. The iPad had no issues for weeks either.

    Funny thing is that is seems to be happening only in the evening time. My wife uses it during the day while I am at work and she has had no problems.

    What are my options here? If I can fix this that is the best thing, but if not I purchased it at Best Buy WITHOUT a protection plan. Do I need to return it to Best Buy or take it to an Apple Store (An hour and a half away)

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  • They can not find any real bad

  • YMark
    May 6, 02:36 PM
    and what is an apn?

    Everything you want to know is right HERE (http://tinyurl.com/4yo8eu9)

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  • Palin#39;s choice of words raises

  • lloyddean
    Apr 2, 01:51 AM
    I won't update my Xocde until this issue is resolved.

    Good luck with that!

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  • I did real good. 2 points

  • Applejuiced
    May 3, 10:08 PM
    MyWi has always been one of my favorite apps to use on the go with my Mac and iPad(WiFi). But today it stopped working on my Mac, despite doing nothing to any settings. It says that the connection has a self assigned IP address and will not be able to connect to internet. This odd thing is that it works on my iPad still.
    I really need this issue fixed ASAP so that I can use my Mac at school to do my assignments.
    Thanks in advanced. :D

    Is that thru USB or Wifi?
    Why not try another way of connecting your Mac? You have 3 options, Wifi, Bluetooth and USB.

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  • W. Bush or Sarah Palin,

  • Garbag3man117
    Jan 12, 06:04 PM
    Go ahead and update your iPod to 4.2.1. You can do it straight from iTunes. Could you tell me what operating system you are running?

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  • Sarah Palin found her

  • Sykte
    Apr 2, 08:56 AM
    what is the different between




    what the - and + do?


    - sends the message (method) to a particular instance of your class (object), whereas the + sends the message to the class itself.

    So an example of a class method (+) would be with NSString.

    [NSString stringWithString:@"test"]; //this is a class method

    An example of an instance method (-) with NSString.

    NSString *mystring = [[NSString alloc] initWithString:@"test"]; //creating my instance
    [mystring compare:@"test"]; //this is an instance method

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  • July 26, Sarah Palin#39;s last

  • lem0n
    Sep 20, 09:54 AM
    currently living in Hanoi [don't pay attention at the location thing, it was updated weeks ago]... I don't think there is a vietnamese sattelite tv... there are currently 5 "channels" that is country-wide... VTV1,2,3 are the most common... VTV4 is for Vietnamese living in foreign countries and VTV5 is for ethnic groups... Inside news is that they're making a VTV6 for something... :o [was it marketing, advertising or some kind of shopping channel, didn't pay attention; anyhow, it's getting made] you can get foreign sattelite... quite a lot of it... if there any other question, just ask... maybe I'll take a trip to the broadcasting place to see VTV6 get made...

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  • simsaladimbamba
    Apr 4, 06:17 AM
    Even if Mac OS X shows you have 120GB of free HDD capacity, the 120GB might be scattered around the HDD, and Boot Camp needs to create a continuous partition, which might not be possible if the data is scattered. You could try to defragment your HDD with iDefrag or reinstall Mac OS X completely, with re-creating the Macintosh HD partition.

    Why do you need to repair the HDD via Disk Utility?

    Have you tried repairing via Disk Utility from the Restore or Installation DVD?

    Guide on how to use Disk Utility from the restore / installation DVD. (http://kb.wisc.edu/helpdesk/page.php?id=3810)

    Format Your Hard Drive Using Disk Utility (http://macs.about.com/od/applications/ss/diskutilformat.htm)
    Partition Your Hard Drive With Disk Utility (http://macs.about.com/od/applications/ss/diskutilitypart.htm)

    Using Disk Utility - Formatting, Partitioning, Verifying, and Repairing Disks (http://web.me.com/pondini/AppleTips/DU.html)

    DiskWiping – One Pass is Enough (http://www.anti-forensics.com/disk-wiping-one-pass-is-enough)

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  • see Sarah Palin pictures

  • John444
    Mar 23, 10:27 PM
    Hey everyone, I have made a pure CSS drop down menu for school. I wrote everything by hand. My website works great in Safari, Firefox, and Google Chrome but when a bring it to school to be marked, the drop down menu does not work with Internet Explorer. This is because IE does not support the hover tags. Is there any script or alternative things that I can put in the CSS or HTML document to make it work the same in IE as Safari or Firefox?
    So I need a script that will make the hover tag work in IE, or any alternative tags I can use so that browser like IE will read my CSS menu right.

    Here is the CSS file:
    #wrapper {

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  • Sarah Palin to Chris Christie:

  • balamw
    Mar 27, 07:39 AM
    Okay yep I understand, however will my Mac recognise the install CD when I boot to the empty Windows partition?

    Yes it generally will.


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  • there has a sarah palin,

  • mark28
    May 4, 07:11 AM
    Hey guys ! :)
    I hope you can help a newbie like me with these questions.. I plan on buying an Imac which will be used for music production with Logic Studio.

    The Imac will be connected to a Midi-keyboard and thats it.

    Is the 21.5-inch: 2.5GHz base model powerful enough for this? Can it run Logic Studio smoothly without any problems?

    I don't really want to upgrade the 21.5 to i7 as it will cost me 700 bucks more, so will it really be worth it to upgrade to i7 ?

    Looking forward to your answers.

    Should be more than enough. But it highly depends on what you do and how you do it.

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  • Sarah Palin: 2009 Calendar

  • iEric
    Nov 6, 05:43 PM
    ah man, that sucks...I need to receive emails from my professors..arg..I wonder why just a "small amount" of .Mac customers and not all .Mac customers..that sucks...they should give us a day, free of charge, after the account expires :D. A day would make it allll better :p

    Apr 28, 05:52 AM
    I don't know much about AppleScript, but why escape from AppleScript into the shell just to enter AppleScript again.

    Is the above not the equivalent of:

    version of application "Application"

    Would you look at that. You got it. And yea I knew the code I put didn't make any sense for some reason. Im pretty tired at this point...

    Dec 18, 11:25 AM
    I am laughing ........ that is great !!!

    Apr 27, 05:36 AM
    Any ideas for this problem?

    Westside guy
    Oct 21, 11:53 PM
    The GIMP still requires X11, but it's pretty painless to install using gimp.app from gimp-app.sourceforge.net (http://gimp-app.sourceforge.net/).

    Apr 25, 06:53 PM
    How could I skip the processor verify in order to install the new Lion beta in a CoreDuo MacBook 1,1.

    :apple: Hardware specs: 160 Gb., CoreDuo 2 Ghz, 2 Gb RAM.
    Any help will be much appreciated!

    By the way: I do not have another mac with a Core2Duo -or later- processor.