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Monday, May 16, 2011

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  • BlizzardBomb
    Jul 21, 03:46 PM
    Three words: Back to School.

    Three more words: Worldwide Developer's Conference. Why would a back to school product be released at a developer's conference. It will have its own event or a silent release. And yes that was way more than three words. :p

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  • supasubu
    Mar 27, 04:51 PM
    My thoughts exactly. Our school district (ISD 482) just bought 1,465 iPads for its students, and I can see us getting really mad if Apple were to release a new iPad 6 mos. later.

    ...the same way Apple will probably release the iphone 5 a few months after the Verizon iphone 4? :)

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  • citizenzen
    Apr 14, 10:02 AM
    You can always donate to the federal reserve. Don't let me stop you!

    Pardon me for trying to spread the responsibility across the board.

    I realize how grossly unfair that is. :rolleyes:

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  • CalBoy
    Apr 10, 01:25 AM
    Whenever you write math symbols out using a keyboard, the "/" symbol always means division; it is not a fraction bar. Therefore, I treat the "/" symbol as a division operation, and get 288.

    If one reads the "/" symbol as a fraction bar, then the answer is 2. However, because of the limitations of a standard QWERTY keyboard (which I assume is all we have to work with), it is wise to always represent numerators and denominators with master brackets. To make this equation equal 2, it should read 48/(2(9+3))

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  • SBlue1
    Mar 29, 07:12 PM
    thanks but i dont need this. :rolleyes:

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  • Chundles
    Aug 3, 08:58 AM
    How You Do Dat? :eek:

    Um, surely you're not that silly.

    He was giving a "SteveQuote" similar to the one from WWDC '05 along the lines of "Oh by the way if you look up here you'll see this whole presentation is running on Intel processors."

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  • DTphonehome
    Jul 29, 11:39 PM
    The Apple iPhone would have to be better in functionality than a Blackberry to be considered useful, unless they can work out a better input device method or utilize Microsoft's Vista speech recognition program.

    Riiiiight...Apple is going to utilize Microsoft's speech recognition...:rolleyes:

    And why "better than Blackberry"? The Blackberry is practically the perfect corporate phone...the iPhone will probably not compete in that market.

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  • DTphonehome
    Jul 30, 09:26 PM
    Some rumors for the Verizon Chocolate (http://gizmodo.com/gadgets/cellphones/lg-vx8500-chocolate-to-verizon-confirmed-187461.php) suggest an AUGUST 7TH Release Date. That's the same day as the start of WWDC, when Apple's new products will be announced! Just a coincidence?

    There's signs all over NYC saying 7/31/06 for the chocolate.

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  • Dany M
    May 2, 08:39 PM
    We need to switch to the metric system, what we have now is ****ing crazy when looking at the rest of the world...this is coming from a bio major who has to deal with SI units daily

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  • pika2000
    May 7, 02:16 PM
    They should've done this from the get go, use a freemium model. Give free account with limited storage & limited functionality, let's say 1GB but no syncing bookmarks/calendar/address between Macs and/or no "find my iPhone," then sell a premium account with something like 50GB storage with everything enabled. The only challenge is some would probably just make 20 free accounts.

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  • zac4mac
    Jul 21, 02:42 PM
    On one hand I'm bummed that new chips are hitting the street so quickly, and my expensive(Read - still paying for it) MBP is no longer top-line. It's still as blindingly fast as it was day1 and winter's just around the corner. Got my lap heater and it'll be paid for by then.

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  • daneoni
    Sep 11, 03:25 PM
    Not really sure if any of the rumoured devices interest me tommorow, as living in the UK we probably will be denied any kind of movie download service (still waiting for tv show downloads to start) The media streaming device might be a cool idea but unless it had support for divx/transport stream files wouldn't really interest me either and cant imagine apple allowing support of an outside player like VLC and without any kind of download structure available to view apple sourced files outside the USA cant imagine it taking off. Having moaned a bit though I have still ordered a 24 imac and cant wait for it to arrive ( I love watching hdtv files on my 20' imac now so 24' must be heaven)

    I was just gonna say that. As a UK user i'm not really bothered because we wont be getting anything....its all Yankee based. Heck even the battery recall is practically non-existent. I have yet to hear one UK user receive his/her battery whilst US users are getting theres as soon as 48 hrs of sending their requests.

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  • dethmaShine
    May 4, 05:55 PM
    Thank you for making my point for me. Last time I checked you were the one making predictions that Lion was going to be handled in the store exactly like every other app.

    All I am saying is that there is no proof to point either way at the moment. But coming to a conclusion that Lion is going to be handled like every other app is like concluding that the iPhone SDK, when released, was going to be exactly like "web apps" were previously.

    No wonder, making a prediction is such a big crime. :rolleyes:

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  • MacRumors
    Apr 5, 12:58 PM
    http://www.macrumors.com/images/macrumorsthreadlogo.gif (http://www.macrumors.com/2011/04/05/apple-asks-toyota-to-pull-jailbreak-ad-campaign/)


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  • anti-microsoft
    Apr 25, 09:03 AM
    From what I've read, this really isn't that big of an issue. The database is just a list (that's locally stored) of places that you've been to. If it was uploaded to Apple, I would definitely be concerned but if it's a local file, then what's the fuss?
    To get to the information, people would have to either:

    A. Steal your phone and access the file
    B. Steal your computer and access your iPhone backups
    C. Hack your phone and find the file (if that's even possible)
    D. Hack your computer and access the backups
    E. Follow you wherever you go (unlikely, but who knows)

    To me those options are more worrying when it comes to privacy than a list of coordinates stored locally on your phone, hidden in some sub-folder.

    Anyway, someone correct me if I'm wrong.


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  • bedifferent
    Mar 30, 10:56 PM
    Application Launcher - Useful for organizing apps
    Versions - Useful for those who don't leave an external HDD plugged in at all times such as laptop users.
    Resume - Useful when you need to restart your Mac.
    Auto-save - Self explanatory.
    Mission Control - Useful because you can view EVERYTHING on your Mac at a quick glance your windows, spaces, full screen apps, dashboard, etc.
    Lion Server - Server functionality that wasn't there before unless you bought a server capable Mac.
    Air Drop - Useful for quick file sharing.
    Full screen apps - Useful when you are only doing one thing on your Mac or when you are using an app that uses a lot of real estate.

    Want me to explain any more features for you?

    Application Launcher is horrendous. Moving an app each icon at a time, and restarting after command+alt+control deleting applications brings them back. If you could command+click on more than one app to arrange them, that's an improvement. Beyond that, it's an implementation that makes more sense on a multi-touch iOS device than a desktop OS. FAIL

    Mission Control - I agree, an improvement. A bit buggy, but it is convenient to see Expos�/Spaces/Desktops unified. Although I loathe the 2-dimensial/linear "Spaces" implementation, "Snow Leopard" had it right. An iOS Springboard "Spaces" on a desktop system is counterintuitive Mr Jobs, especially for those who use spaces on a projector for demonstrating different desktops quickly in lectures, presentations, etc.

    As for the rest, applications such as "MacPilot" already have the ability to utilize those functions (and ad-hoc AirDrop is interesting but unless you are with another nearby Lion system and both are present to "accept" a transfer, it seems rather meh).

    The lack of color in the system icons is god awful. Color graphics are much more easily identified than a scaled down grey icon.

    Stroop effect (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stroop_effect)

    Green Red Blue
    Purple Blue Purple

    Blue Purple Red
    Green Purple Green

    the Stroop effect refers to the fact that naming the color of the first set of words is easier and quicker than the second.

    This is very relevant in working as it distracts and takes longer to identify aspects that lose inherent and easily characterized qualities. If there isn't an option for this in the GM/Commercial build there better be a patch ala iTunes.rsrc to bring back sidebar color icons.

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  • rockosmodurnlif
    Apr 20, 10:36 AM
    I just bought the iPhone 4 and to be honest, I don't even feel an ounce of disappointment that I could've waited a 5 months for the iPhone 5. I am so thrilled with the iPhone 4 and its capabilities. I've never run into any issues with the external antennae.. I dunnno. I'm a long time diehard apple fan.

    Sorry if this seemed a bit irrelevant, just wanted to throw my two cents in.
    From what I'm seeing about the iPhone 5 hear, it's really the iPhone 4S ("S" for speed). If my phone can continue to run forthcoming iOS releases well, I don't see myself upgrading until a 64 GB version appears.

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  • toddybody
    Apr 7, 10:52 AM
    Apple makes products that people want. RIM makes products that cause people to point and laugh. Google makes products that they can only sell two for one or give away for free. Microsoft makes products that sit on the shelves until they are sent of to be recycled.

    Don't get me wrong, I like Google. Gmail is great and Google is the only search I use. Unfortunately, they don't know how to make mobile devices.

    Totally right. Apple is perfect and everyone else should just close up shop...:rolleyes: Please get a grip on reality before posting nonsense.

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  • benhollberg
    May 3, 08:29 AM
    Metric system should be in the U.S.. No point in keeping an odd system.

    Mar 26, 10:10 PM
    How am I suppose to access my music via cloud via 3G? Especially if one has tiered data? :eek:

    And, why would they sell iPhone 5 without iOS 5? Thats just ... :confused:

    Aug 2, 09:44 PM
    You win that one. :D Although I cannot find the product page for laptop Core 2 Duos, only those for the desktop.Carlos, Intel's web site is notoriously out of date. I have never been able to find any current info on their site. Do not expect to ever rely on the Intel website for up-to-date info about themselves. :rolleyes: It is an extremely poorly designed site.

    ALL the Core 2 Duo Processors are shipping including Merom Carlos.

    Mar 28, 10:31 AM
    No iPhone 5, but there will be iPhone invisio!

    The iPhone 4 is already dated relative to other phones on the market. To have a phone on the market for 18 months without an update is insane.

    ROTF. Dated. That must be why the recent mobile industry event that Apple didn't sponsor nor attend voted iPhone the best phone on the market.

    Apr 25, 09:01 AM
    Call me naive (or perhaps paranoid) but I've been assuming my location is being tracked since I bought my first smart phone years ago.

    I guess the fine point of difference is: It is stored on your phone (and computer where you do the backup), but it is never send to anyone ... so Apple is not tracking you since they never see that information. Saying Apple tracks you would mean that information collected is send to Apple, which is not the case.

    May 4, 06:40 PM
    In 3 years there will be no "PREFERRED" anything with Macs. Everything that is installed on Mac will come from the App Store. It WILL BE the EXCLUSIVE method of loading ANYTHING on Macs. OS X will become exactly like iOS and ALL of you will just happily accept it. I expect to see statements on Macrumors like "Oh how wonderful it is that Steve is looking after us and protecting us from the evil world of Malware that those crappy PC's get. Thanks Steve for looking out for us and our elegant, delicious, sexy, and magical devices"......

    Pretty much...