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Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Cosby Show: True Vinatge Fashion, and Golden Anniversaries

When I watch The Cosby Show I always see their outfits and say I would wear that today, and I saw the episode "The Golden anniversary, and thier outfits down to the grandma was fly, and not only did I love the outfits I love the concept of the episode because you don't see alot of couples celebrating the 50th anniversary. Then in the episode Rudy asked Bill " why is it called the Golden anniversary?", he said " because Gold is rare and precious, and to have a marriage for 50 years is rare and precious" awwwww and it is so true you don't see that anymore so all you couple you gotta make it work". Yeah I had a little lovey Dovey Moment.

Outfits from The Golden Anniversary episode

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