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Sunday, October 11, 2009

The BET Awards 09' Red carpet Photos (Where the hell was the stylist)

First off wtf is Monica wearing these long boots with a oversized blazer probably to hide that weight of hers I hate this outfit (FAIL)

Rocsi wearing a flanel and gray skinny's and her accesories does not go with her outfit and might I add this bittie looks caked up (FAIL)

My darlin Nicki I love you but this outfit is horrible the leggings the boot OMG (FAIL!)

I would usually never put her on my blog but she looks a hot mess even when she's trying to look nice...Frankie where is she going lik 60 years old with grills come Keyshia Cole needs to put her ass in check

Lola Monroe Looks like a bittie

Now we had some Best Dressed

Tocarra Looks really Pretty This color looks gorgeous on her skin and I love the drapery.

I was shocked But Trina looked very classy and sexy you go girl

Jessica White Look pretty cute and simplistic

And Tiny an Toya didn't look to bad

BET Awards Premeire October 27th