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Friday, September 11, 2009

The Dream and Christina Milian engaged and no PRENUP!!!!

The Dream and Christina Milian got married in Las Vegas in at the famous Little White Chapel.Where Britney Spears and her high school crush was married.Though this has happend The Dream mad a huge mistake by not signing a prenup.Some people would say yah she hit jackpot.But me I feel pretty bad.I don't mean to sound harsh.But i really doubt they will last long.There relationship came off odd in the first place.The Dream is not just a singer he's a writer and producer.Writing songs such as Umbrella for Rhianna,Just Fine for Mar J,and trust me there's more.So she'll be getting a pretty big check.But good luck on the relationship.Then also it's been confirmed Christina Milian is pregnant.So this all just to crazy.